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 The Sleep Luxe Story

 Approximately one in three (33%) people have trouble falling asleep during the week and one in ten (10%) suffer from chronic insomnia.  With increasingly busy lives, more and more people are reporting poor sleep as a result of increased stress.

 At Sleep Luxe, our mission is to help everyone improve their overall quality of life by restoring sleep health.  We set out to look for something that was natural and comforting to help us enjoy a better night’s sleep.  To be able to wake up refreshed and recharged ready to take on the day.  It was important for us to find a method that was natural, medication-free, and helped induce our body’s natural response to produce oxytocin and serotonin to help us have a happier calmer sleep.  It was also important to find a method that helped regulate and normalise our sleep cycle over time to aid in our overall sleep health.  

 For decades the medical community has used weighted blanket therapy widely as a natural solution to help those with sensory processing disorders to deal with stress and anxiety.  Weighted blankets were developed for just this purpose and have been prescribed as a method of therapy to help those relax and fall asleep at night with much success.  Society at large has not had much knowledge or access to this form of therapy until recently.  

 Through much research learning about the amazing effects of weighted blankets we have found a way to harness the power of technology, backed up by science to deliver a better night’s sleep to people everywhere, not just those with sensory processing disorders. We aim to provide the highest quality and most effective weighted blankets at the best prices. 




Why Shop Sleep Luxe?

Our Holistic Sleep Solution has the following benefits:

 Promotes Deeper Sleep
 Reduces Stress and Anxiety
 Improves Calmness and Relaxation
 Reduces Mood Swings
 Regulates Sleep Patterns
 Optimises Sleep Quality
 Comforts your Body like a Hug
 All Natural, Medication Free

       Head to our Benefits page to read more about the amazing benefits of Weighted Blankets  


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